How eJump Media grew their web business through 99designs

eJump Media (known to us as Hitron) has been a longtime community member on 99designs. Since joining back in 2009, the team has won hundreds of contests and worked on many 1-to-1 Projects with more than 70 repeat clients.

Back in 2014, we profiled their evolution as a team, which started with one account under the name of “Hitron”, and later grew to become a full-fledged Bucharest-based agency. Today, they’re a 16 member team, working with clients in 12 different countries providing web design and development solutions.

eJump Media

Recently, eJump reached out to us to give an update on how they’ve grown over the past few years, what they’ve learned and how recent changes to the 99designs platform have helped them find even more success.

Here’s what they had to say:

Working with 99designs


Nuts in ya Mouth web design by eJump Media
Web design for Nuts in ya Mouth

Throughout our evolution, crowdsourcing platforms like 99designs have played a very important role for us. They challenge us, push our limits, give us a little bit of adrenaline and allow us to explore new territories.

99designs is where we found our first international clients—and we still get in the race for the most exciting projects, first as Hitron and then (if the client is interested in other services) we present eJump. We usually interact with both small or medium enterprise owners and ad agencies.

Once we connect with a client and decide to work together, we offer the following guarantee:

  • Availability at least 8 hours per day. Every business day.
  • High-quality standards for everything, from web design to implementation.
  • Prompt response time. No matter what.
  • Relevant experience (from PHP to project management).
  • Proficient English language skills.

99designs introduces new features


ejump media profile
eJump Media/Hitron’s 99designs profile

With 99designs’ rebrand in March, we quickly saw the value of a professional profile that’s “more like LinkedIn and less like Facebook”. The update let us offer our services for the first time, allowing us to connect directly with interested clients.

We went for a professional yet playful avatar that captures our style. The avatar features Bogdan, eJump’s Co-founder & Design Responsible. The cover design represents our process (“from great ideas to magical web solutions”), as well as our multiple services, from web design to web implementation.

We had a lot of fun brainstorming and working on descriptions. Words that aren’t part of programming language might not be our greatest skill, but getting our story out there was worth any effort.

Our pricing solutions


web design by ejump media
Web design for For The Riders

Together with our profile’s new look, we also faced the challenge of describing our services (no easy task!).

We know too well what we do and how we do it, but we didn’t want to get lost in the details. So we put together four bundles of services to offer clients in addition to custom projects clients can inquire about.

We chose our pricing based on both our experience working with clients and the fair value of our work. And the best part: we offer a first draft of the client’s Homepage within one day. If he or she doesn’t like it, we can stop our collaboration right away with no charge. The one day is on us, with no risk on our clients’ side.

Note: Are you a 99designer looking to advertise your own services? Learn more about this option here

The first results


Our first major project, shortly after we updated our profile, was a complex website design for the software development firm, Omni Resources.

omno website by ejump media
Web page design for Omni Resources

We started with our “5 page designs+” bundle, but they could quickly see the potential. So we took on more creative, including their blog, case studies and email templates. 99designs was great help once again, because we could easily supplement the order and generate new invoices as we went along.

We consider 99designs to be a very useful interface for keeping up with client requests, project management and building great client relationships. Omni’s requests flowed through the 99designs platform directly to our team, who used their creativity and most valuable insights to consolidate Omni’s online identity.

The Omni project came to an end. It was a challenging one, within a limited timeframe, and ended up being a platform we are very proud of. We had the opportunity to build a great relationship with the Omni team, who offered their unconditional support and equally determined to build a great website.

The introduction of service bundles was the best starting point for attracting a great client, and allowed us to rethink our business philosophy.



Our journey on 99designs is far from ending. We’re eager to learn how this platform will continue developing, attracting talented designers and great clients who look for the best designs.

We rethought our business model by aiming to deliver value and make our clients happy, even if we don’t get to shake any hands on 99designs. We have grown as a global agency because we got to work with partners from all over the world, whom we met on 99designs.

We felt in love with the professional side of 99designs, which gives young designers the opportunity to become think business-oriented and allows experienced designers to showcase their amazing work and start new collaborations.

See more of eJump Media and Hitron’s work here.

The author

Kelsey Bryant
Kelsey Bryant

Kelsey is 99designs' Designer Marketing Manager. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, she moved to San Francisco in 2009 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. When she’s not running the designer blog, you can find her exploring the city, taking weekend road trips, and soaking up that California sunshine.

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