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Dasa Mamula (aka dasaideabox) is a multi-talented designer who has taken special interest in logo design on 99designs. And rightfully so, she’s had great experiences — meeting clients at the beginning of their design journeys, presenting them with a valued logo, and obtaining follow-on work that builds out their entire brand.

Her relationship with Foomanchew.com, for example, started when she won their logo design contest, then their web design, until suddenly she was evolving their full branding and marketing package — including a mobile app (which is currently in the works). And Dasa explained it’s not stopping there, based on their great designer-client relationship, they have already planned more projects for the very near future.

Let’s get to know Dasa, the logo expert, and hear what she has to say about the field.


Name: Dasa Mamula
Location: Croatia
99designs handle: dasaideabox



When did you know logo design was your speciality? How can other designers know it’s theirs, too?

In high school, a teacher suggested I look into pursuing a college degree in graphic design, and after looking into it, I realized it was a perfect fit. I specialized in logo design because I liked the challenge of summing up a client’s ideas and representing their company in a simple graphic.

To be a good logo designer, you have to have strong typography skills as well as graphic, and be able to foresee all the possible applications it will be used on. You should know how to create a logo that fits its purpose, is adaptable and gets its message across clearly. If you posses all (or most) of these skills, then you’ll probably make a good logo designer.

North of Ordinary logo

What makes logo design different than other design fields (e.g. book cover, web, etc.)?

Design is a form of communication that appears constantly in our daily lives and has so many purposes, but what I like to focus on the most is making sure good design = good usability.

A logo is the most important and most valuable element of design — it’s the starting point of a company’s brand, afterall. In order to be successful, a logo has to be unique and instantly recognizable.


We notice your logos are more illustrative, do you need to be an illustrator to be a good logo designer?

Not necessarily, but it does help a lot. Of course, it all depends on the kind of logo you’re asked to create but I have found that drawing skills come in very handy when designing character-based logos — even if it’s just for sketching.

Pet Hooligans logo

What are 5 tips that will help designers successfully create a logo?

  1. Do your research! Take the time to understand the brief and research the topic.
  2. Brainstorm. Write down key terms, associations, meanings — it will help you sort out your ideas. Also, do some conceptual sketching.
  3. Challenge yourself. It’s how you build skills. Don’t always take the easy route 🙂 Approach each project as if you’re about to solve a puzzle.
  4. Keep your logos simple, but smart. Keep logos straight to the point — and fun (if the project allows it). It’s also very important to test your logo and see how it handles resizing for various medias.
  5. Mockup your logos. Clients like to see how their logo will look on, for example, a business card… or, on the side of a delivery van… whatever applies. So if you can, submit mockups along with your logo design — it helps!
bike deeks logo

How has logo design changed in the past 5 years?

Logo design now focuses more on the web and mobile apps, naturally. It seems it has become more dynamic because of our fast moving culture and the need for more recognizable, unique brands. Logo designers are constantly looking for ways to keep designs fresh which is an increasing challenge.

Technology has given us vast possibilities when designing a logo. And although this makes the technical part of our work easier, it presents us with more competition thus decreasing the value of logo design — which I think is a shame, because a logo is the most viral part of a brand.

Climbing Frame logo

What do you think of the new logo re-designs we saw in 2012? Any you like, or really dislike?

Dislike: Out of the redesigned logos in 2012, many were disappointing — especially Microsoft. I think it’s a failed attempt at simplicity. Instead of making the logo look more up-to-date, it looks very dated — and honestly, it looks like it was created with MS Word. But maybe I am missing some big philosophy behind it 🙂

Like: I think USA TODAY has done a great job with its logo and website redesign. They took the most recognizable part of their logo and made it the key element in their new identity. And it’s always great when a logo is functional:

USA TODAY redesign: A logo that moves via Youtube

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