artsigma opens up about his full-time career on 99designs

Eduardo Lessa Venancio – aka artsigma – is one of the most prolific designers on 99designs. Working daily on the platform, he’s built out an international portfolio of clients enthralled with his minimalist approach to identity design. Thanks to his success, he’s been able to fulfill many of his dreams including buying a car and a home in Brazil (he’s also getting married soon!).

We talked to him about his creative approach, the benefits of working on a global platform and his passion for design.


Name: Eduardo Lessa Venancio
99designs handle: artsigma
Location: Brazil

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Eduardo. I am 25 years old, Brazilian and have a degree in graphic design. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for approximately eight years and have spent four years doing creative competitions.

I always liked to draw, but I never saw it as a profession for me. Over time, I discovered this world of creativity and it has been delighting me every day more and more.

How did you get started in design?
Design has always been present in my life and I always liked to draw. Obviously this arena encompasses a lot more than knowing how to draw, but it’s difficult to answer that question because I think I have always been inserted in some way in this world.

I started first with Corel Draw and Photoshop at 17, when I started working in graphics. I’ve been learning new things ever since.

You’ve become very prolific on our site (270 wins to date!). How do you stay so motivated?
The love for this profession. Obviously there is a need to make money, but I do it more out of love. I am passionate about what I do and always try to create the best design – not only to please the client, but to show myself that I can be better every day.

How does 99designs fit into your life? Do you work on the site full-time?
99designs opened a large door for me and has helped me realize many of my dreams. I work almost every day. Of course there is a need to work, but I do it mostly out of pleasure.


Can you tell us about some of those dreams?
I managed to buy a house, a car and I’m about to get married. If I was just working at my last job, it would have taken 12 years or more to happen. For this I am eternally grateful to you. 🙂

How does working on 99designs differ from working as a designer in Brazil? Can you tell us about your experience?
I don’t know if it happens to other designers, but working as a designer here [in Brazil] is very complicated because people do not highly value creative work. I think they view a project like any other drawing and may not understand the content and process that exists behind it. That means that we have to charge a very low price.

99designs connected me with many designers and clients internationally and has given me a lot of opportunity to show my work further.


Tell us about your creative process?

I always look at designs created by other designers to inspire me. I observe projects in Behance, Dribbble and other designers’ to bring out new ideas. Some of my own projects I will sketch on paper first, but it depends on the project I’m working on.

Are you usually more productive during the day or late at night?
I am more productive when I have a clear head and no worries. When I have no worries, I can work any time.


What’s the most important thing to remember when working with a client?
Avoid the obvious and read the brief thoroughly. I always quickly make the requested changes and treat all my clients with respect.

Anything else to add?
I want to thank you for all that 99design gives me. I do not know how I can thank you for the dreams that I have been able accomplish. Thank you very much, from the heart.

See more of artsigma’s work here.

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Kelsey Bryant
Kelsey Bryant

Kelsey is 99designs' Designer Marketing Manager. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, she moved to San Francisco in 2009 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. When she’s not working with the designer community, you can find her exploring the city, taking weekend road trips, and soaking up that California sunshine.

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