Hey Everyone!

As we mentioned two weeks ago, WikiLeaks (yes, the real WikiLeaks) launched their own t-shirt design contest here with 99designs and what a response the contest received!!

With just shy of 1,000 designer concepts in well under two weeks, we were blown away with the enthusiasm of the design community in getting behind the contest and creating some truly awesome t-shirt graphics. To all our designers that participated, we would like to say thank you and let you know that you all did an amazing job in creating some fantastic design submissions for the guys over at WikiLeaks – they were truly stumped when it came to choosing from almost 1,000 great designs!

In fact, after talking with some of the guys at WikiLeaks, it was clear that they could never choose one winner… so instead they chose three!


1st Winner – Maffsf

“Opening Governments Tee”

With a stylish entry using the original WikiLeaks logo in a slightly different look, Maffsf got to take out first honors with this entry gaining over 1,000 votes in the public poll for a great t-shirt! Awesome work!

2nd Winner – Emceelp

“Got Truth Tee”

With simple colors and a minimalist theme, Emceelp has moved away from the WikiLeaks logo and thought up something little bit different. Congratulations Emceelp!


3rd Winner – Maffsf

“Top Secret Tee”

With great use of typography and a busy look, the wrap around of the Top Secret Tee came in third as the staff favourite over at WikiLeaks. Congratulations again Maffsf!

To Emceelp and Maffsf, we would like to extend our thanks and praise for some great pieces of t-shirt art: they will look fantastic in your folios!

Visit 99designs T-shirt Design page for more details around how to get a quality design for your clothing thats as good as these.

Well done guys!