99,999 contests and counting!

Jason Aiken

We did it!

We recently launched our 99,999th design contest on 99designs! It’s an AMAZING milestone to achieve in just 3 years.

In that time we’ve paid out an incredible $25 million to our design community and grown the business to where there are now over 1,000 new design contests launched every week and an additional $1.2 million paid out each and every month.

What an achievement!

We want to thank our outstanding design community and all the businesses who have used our marketplace – it has been an incredible ride these first three years and we couldn’t have done it without your continued support.


To celebrate this incredible milestone with you we’ve a got a couple of special announcements…

$99,999 Design Student Reward Program

In celebration of our 99,999th contest and our mission to create opportunities for designers around the world, 99designs has established a $99,999 reward program for design students.

We will use the fund to pay $99 bonus payments to eligible student designers for every design contest they win.

To learn more about the Design Student Reward Program please see:

$9,999 Giveaway!

That’s right we’re giving away another $9,999 to a designer in the community.

The giveaway will launch in November – so stay tuned for details!

Community T-Shirts

One more thing 🙂

As a special thank you to the top 99 designers in the community and our top 99 contest holders- we are sending you all a limited edition 99designs community t-shirt!

We’ll contact you with details on how to claim your shirt so check your email 🙂

Here’s to another 99,999 contests!

All the best,
The 99designs Team

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Jason Aiken
Jason Aiken

Jason Aiken is the Community Director of 99designs.


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