Get swept away with these 9 unique wedding invitations

The summer is coming to a close and we’ve seen a ton of fantastic couples getting hitched. Even better, they’re using 99designs to create their invites, thank-you cards and more.

Take a look through our collection of 99designers’ unique wedding invitations, where each couple’s personality shines through to celebrate their special day. You’ll want to stay with these designers till death do you part!

Infographic-style invite for Elise and Martin

Jelena 156

Designer: Jelena 156
Contest: Create a romantic wedding invitation infographic style

Illustration for Kyra and Dave


Designer: N24
Contest: Looking for a great (wedding) illustration!

Invitation for Angie and Francois


Designer: Fafarikula
Contest: Jaye Ellam needs a new card or invitation

Mexican wrestling themed e-vite for Branden and Loreta


Designer: OverTheEdge
Contest: Help us create a kick-ass wedding invitation

Invitation for Noelle and Keith


Designer: hello*
Contest: Card or invitation for Noelle and Keith’s Wedding

Whimsical thank you card for Laura and Chris


Designer: jaworka
Contest: Whimsical Wedding: Thank You Postcard

Wedding concert poster for Christina and Adam


Designer: MattDyckStudios
Contest: Concert Poster for a Wedding

Wedding Cartoon for Zoe and Mike


Designer: aditan
Contest: Cartoon wanted for wedding invite

Invitation for Anna and Nils


Designer: moorzzilka
Contest: Card or invitation für Anna & Nils

Have you seen any other unique wedding invitations? Share them in the comments!

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Kaitlyn Ellison

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