In the three years and seven months that 99designs has been operating, we’ve hosted a whole range of design contests. In fact, we’ve just reached one of our most highly anticipated milestones – our 99,999th design contest has recently been run on 99designs!

During these past few years we have seen design contests launched of all shapes and sizes, and now having hosted over 100,000 contests for logos, websites, and many other design needs, we have taken a look back at this remarkable achievement.

Below you’ll find our Top 9 Contests of All Time; that is, the most successfully run contests that have attracted the highest amount of design entries since we opened our doors!

The top nine contests display a staggering amount of talent and creativity from our design community, who we now pay out over one million dollars to each month.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to present to you our top nine contests of all time!

9. Life’d Magazine Launch

Need some help getting to sleep? Perhaps you need some advice on grilling a good burger, or need to know the secret to making your house look clean without actually going to the effort of cleaning it.

Life’d is an online magazine that launched in August 2011. Their aim is to make their reader’s lives easier through the use of tips, hacks and advice on topics such as careers, finance, health, technology and productivity. Their 99designs logo contest received over 3100 entries and comes in at the much coveted #9 on our list.

Title: “LIFE’D | Online Magazine (Logo)”

Entries: 3131

Designer: whoopys


8. Rick Warren’s New Book

Influential American evangelical Christian minister Rick Warren is a man passionate about his beliefs. When looking for a cover for his new book, “The Hope you Need”, he posted one of our largest prizes ever, attracting almost 3200 creative book cover designs from our community.

Title: “Design Rick Warren’s New Book Cover”

Entries: 3184

Designer: kimejoe


7. Ivy Worldwide’s New Logo

Ivy Worldwide have been in the business of social media marketing since 2006. Their contest attracted over 3300 entries thanks to a generous prize and a fantastic level of feedback to our designers. One of the excellent early submissions to the contest caught the eye of Ivy and went on to win the prize.

Title: “New Logo For Social Media Marketing Firm $2500”

Entries: 3367

Designer: urban


6. Marshall Fenn

Toronto based Marshall Fenn are a well established company with over 50 years experience in the communications, media and marketing businesses. Their clients include big names such as Hewlett Packard, Mcdonald’s, Konami, Universal, Emirates and The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Their new logo design contest attracted around 3800 entries thanks to a generous guaranteed prize.

Title: “Put Your Thinking Into Our Logo.”

Entries: 3814

Designer: Tadulako


5. Crowdsourcing CloudCrowd

Crowdsourcing start-up CloudCrowd is an inspired online service that helps partner people who need work done with people looking for work. The company breaks down large tasks into many smaller tasks, which users can select to work on via a Facebook application. So now you can actually earn money by spending all day on Facebook.

Their logo has a certain iconic appeal to it, and was the winning entry of a 99designs contest that received just under 4000 entries.

Title: “Logo Design for CloudCrowd”

Entries: 3955

Designer: falconrebel

4. Faithology Designs


Faithology are a company who gather unbiased, historically factual information on world religion, and are in the process of compiling a comprehensive online resource on the topic. Their logo design contest is fairly recent, only ending a few weeks ago. The great guys that they are, they offered our design community a sizeable prize, guaranteed the contest, and ended up attracting over 4400 designs from nearly 500 designers.


Entries: 4445

Designer: Innovativesense

3. Chatroulette Logo Contest

When 17 year old Russian high school student Andrey Ternovskiy launched Chatroulette late 2009, nobody could have guessed how quickly it would become a global internet sensation. A few months later the site was topping 100,000 visitors a day and Faith No More were broadcasting their gigs via the website.

Chatroulette ran a new logo design contest through 99designs earlier this year. It received over 4400 entries and some of the very best designs our community have come up with to date.

Title: “Create the next logo for Chatroulette”

Entries: 4482

Designer: pich™

2. Mooter Media

Australian based digital media company Mooter was looking to update its corporate identity to better reflect it’s move into Social Gaming and Social Networking. By offering a guaranteed $1000 prize the contest received our second largest amount of entries ever.

The company is currently at the forefront of new forms of photo-sharing social media. You can check our #2 contest here.

Title: “Mooter Media seeks new logo!”

Entries: 4497

Designer: wync

1. The GAP Community Project

Of course, this was always going to be our biggest contest. When clothing behemoth The GAP changed their iconic white-on-navy blue logo in 2010 without warning, it lasted a week. Such was the public outcry, not least from the graphic design community, that the company performed one of the biggest branding backflips of all time.

Our unofficial GAP logo contest for our design community attracted over 4600 entries from more than 1000 designers, making it our largest contest EVER. It showcased so many great entries from our talented community that we awarded two winners, and we think it shows that The Gap would have been far better off turning to our designers for help.

You can check out the contest here.

Title: “Design a better GAP Logo (Community Project)”

Entries: 4638

Designers: usbdesign and TristanBG83

Our congratulations go out to all winning designers mentioned above for their works of art, and a big thanks also goes out to all our designers within our community that have made 99designs what it is today!