Top 9 at 99 results: August 2012

If you are NOT a morning person, then you will double-love the winner of August’s Top 9. It’s app designer b3rto who created a stunning alarm clock interface for iSleepin.

This is Top 9’s first app design winner and it’s obvious why, from the clean interface to the bold colors and fun wake-me-up games. You will not want to hit snooze the moment your sleepy eyes land on this design.

Let’s give b3rto a thanks for making our mornings more enjoyable!


We love all of the Top 9 designers and want to send them a big thank you for inspiring us as well:

  1. b3rto
  2. silverfox design
  3. paul107
  4. firman suci ananda
  5. artpossible
  6. predragorn
  7. deebong
  8. pablo stanley 1
  9. bachnguyen

To celebrate your great work you’ll each receive a copy of Big Brand Theory by Sandu Publishing.

Big Brand Theory book

And the legendary prize we know you’ve been dying to receive… an Official 99designs Community T-Shirt!


Thanks to the Top 9 for being such an important part of the 99designs Community.

And thanks to the Community for showing some love and voting!

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