Announcing the winners of our “99designs Habla Español” T-shirt design contest

Lauren Gard

When we launched Spanish-language versions of 99designs in Latin America, Spain and the U.S. last month, we put out a call for Spanish-speaking graphic designers and everyone else in our community to come up with T-shirts worthy of the festive occasion. Determining the 5 designs from more than 500 submissions that best exemplify our theme “99designs Habla Español” was no easy feat.

Muchas gracias to every designer who participated! We hope you’ll agree that each of these winners is well deserving of a $500 prize and a place in our corazon!

Manuk (Argentina)


Manuk’s design emulates the liner texture and shapes of Aztec and Mayan culture. The outline is inspired by the Mayan calendar and the objects point to tools often used by graphic designers.

rulasic (Colombia)


Inspired by Latin American street signs, rulasic’s design incorporates different typefaces brought together by a hand-drawn approach.

DSKY (Ukraine)


Using cultural knowledge he has learned as a Spanish teacher, DSKY’s incorporates a traditional skull design and pairs it with patterns referencing Latin America.

magicsof (Spain)


Koesnoel80 (Indonesia)


Flamenco dance is one of Spain’s most famous genres, bursting with passion and expressive body language. Koesnoel80’s design uses this flamenco dancer as a way to communicate “99designs Habla Español.”
Rounding out a great contest, magicsof’s design incorporates elements that outline the diversity of Latin America.

Which T-shirt design is your favorite?

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