Announcing the most-liked illustration in the TRIBE GAGA contest!

Kelly Inglis

TRIBE GAGA is out to spark a social revolution and needed some musically-inspired illustrations to help get them started. Their contest sparked the imaginations of some talented 99designers and for our most recent “like” challenge, we asked the community to tell us which illustrations were their favorites using the like button.

It seems vibrant color palettes were a constant theme in this contest, as evidenced by the contest favorites. Without further adieu, here are the most-liked designs from the TRIBE GAGA contest.

Most-liked design



Pussycat_tailes’ sleek and vibrant anime-style design won the hearts of 99designers as did the following runner-up designs.


Matematika Media

“Very colorful and bright! This is a beautiful illustration with a sense of movement.”

– Yordanka Stoyanova (shon_m)

“This type of work is not my specialty but this design is what catches a user’s attention. It is colorful, the colors are balanced well and the people are cool :)”

– Velimir Ivanov (CreoWorx)

“I love it! It’s full of spirit.”

– Ben Permadi (Bend_zign)

Maayan’s Garage™

“This design is highly abstract and represents the unity of music well.”

-Saifuddin (Dezero)


“This is an excellent, awesome and fantastic work — a real painting, the work is perfect.”

– Vladimir Kosteteskiy (KVA)

“I like this 3 dimensional design which has a dynamic flow. There are many different styles in this competition that are great, but this is my favorite.”

– Jelena Masic (RedLogo)

Maayan’s Garage™

“Nice color composition :)”

– Yulia Qomariah (frambit)


“Excellent art and color details!”

– Harry Ashton (Harry Ashton)

Thanks to the designers who participated — check out these designs and more community favorites on our “Liked” designs at 99 Pinterest board!

Which of these designs do you like?

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Kelly Inglis
Kelly Inglis

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