Our talented 99designs Student Delegate Roi Himan, hosted a student Meetup event at the Neri Bloombield School of Design and Education in Haifa, Israel last weekend.

Roi spoke about his success and experience in building a portfolio, gaining real-world experience and earning money on 99designs. He also showed his fellow students how to enroll in the 99designs student reward program, a $99,999 fund that pays graphic design students an additional $99 for every win.

Here’s what Roi had to say:

“The meeting was great — about 40 students attended which was much more than expected. A faculty member helped arrange the meeting and it took place in a classroom at my school. For about an hour, I explained the site and the student rewards program. The students were very excited and I really think they are going to join the community.”

Check out the photos from this awesome event!

The outside Neri Bloomfield School of Design and education building.
Roi speaks to the class about 99designs.
Students at the Haifa, Israel Meetup
Roi working with other students
Female student points at her awesome new 99designs t-shirt.

Thanks again to Roi Himan, as well as the faculty and students of the Neri Bloomfield School Design and Education!

If you’re a graphic design student, make sure fill out our student enrollment form.

Interested in holding an event? Contact filip@99designs.com.