Announcing the winner of the Silicon Roundabout Contest!

Samantha Graves

In celebration of the new UK office, 99designs held a community contest to design an illustration for Silicon Roundabout.

Silicon Roundabout is the heart of the tech startup community in London. Officially it’s the starting point for more than 500 web companies – but it hosts more than just internet business. There are great independent bars, pop-up restaurants, coffee shops, retail shops, and art galleries. In a nutshell, it’s a hub of creative commerce.

So with all this creative talent in one area, we decided to hold a community contest to create an illustration for the tech startup scene in London. The results were outstanding, and with nearly 400 entries from 92 designers, picking a winner was extremely difficult.

Our designers really got stuck into the brief with creativity and flair, making choosing just the top 8 difficult. Everyone really picked up on the atmosphere and bustling environment based in tech development, and it’s been really interesting to see the different takes on the Silicon Roundabout theme.


winner upload

“The first key words I got is booming or bursting, so I think sphere is a good shape. Then I added the skyline of the city, and other small elements to embody this idea. And I want to find the balance between complex and simplicity.”




“With the Roundabout project I thought about a piece of world apart. A place where we can work surrounded by fun and joy, and where creative minds have space to think and to create with no hard rules about working process.”



Designer Numar_stele took a minimalist approach of Silicon Roundabout, with bright colours.


“I think it captures the silicon roundabout in very fun and artistic way. Also, it’s very unique and not just an image that you can see in the stock images or clip art feel illustration.”



Design by Djapart


Design by natanegara

silicon 29

Design by JohnCh


Special mention goes to Mr Uini

Thanks again to all of the designers who participated in this contest! We appreciate all of your hard work and creative ideas. Congratulations again to the winning design! Click here if you’d like to check out all of the entries in the contest.

Which of these awesome illustrations is your favorite?

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