Most-liked design from HipArt illustration contest

Kelly Inglis

For our most recent Like Challenge, we asked 99designers to pick their favorite phone case designs from the HipArt contest.

The results are in and we have to agree — we would be pumped to dress up our smartphones in any of these trendy designs.

Most-liked design

Armunandar Syahrir’s (hpkntc) winning design picked up the most “likes” and judging by the feedback we received from designers, it’s clear why.


“I love the details of it and also the combination of soft and hard colors.”

– Yesaya Bunawan (Pac3)


“I like this work — clean, nice contrasts and very abstract.”

– Danijel Nedeljkovic (Danydesign)


“The flow of the design builds my curiosity.”

– Ahmad Faiz (Charcoal Eater)

Runners up


Agung Pramana (TARANTULA) and Vardani also deserve some major props for their fantastic work, as recognized by their fellow designers.


“I think this design is so cute, charming, calm and mysterious :)”

– Muhamad Muasz (nextdoorneighbor)


“I think cases (for smartphones, laptops, etc.) have to be in muted colors — that is the reason I prefer this entry. I like the hand drawn style — it makes this design unique.”

– Velimir Ivanov (CreoWorx)


“I believe this one is the best when put on an actual iPhone case — the wavy lines would visually change its shape in quite an interesting manner.”

– Nenad Petrovic (afterego)


“I really like this Op Art of TARANTULA! It gives a curvy, 3D look on the back of your phone and it seems like it’s moving. :)”

– Edmund Mamuyac (Monjy)



“The design is very sophisticated and elegant, from oriental inspiration.”

– Iulia Crisan (Eiulia14)


Check out these designs from the past Like Challenges on our “Liked” Designs at 99 Pinterest board.

Thanks to everyone who participated — you rock!

Which smartphone case is your favorite? Please share.

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Kelly Inglis
Kelly Inglis

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