Presenting the winner of our Australian Election caricature contest!

Emma Maidment

It seems everyone in Australia is talking about the upcoming 2013 Federal Election, so we wanted to add a little creativity to the mix and run a community contest. We asked for caricature designs of the two major party leaders, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott (real life photo below), and we received over 100 great entries!

Throughout the contest, we provided inspiration from the campaign trail and we were thrilled with the results! Both leaders provided some great antidotes (perhaps unintentionally) that the designers were able to interpret into their designs.


Picture courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald

Before the official federal polls open on the weekend, we created our own poll, asking the public to help pick a winner. The decision was tough and the polls were close but there was one designer who ended up in the top three and took out the contest by a landslide….

Congratulations to our winning designer… Bodski™!

eletion 2

Bodski’s designs are the prefect blend of great style, concept and daily inspiration. The subtle way in which he incorporates the leaders’ characteristics from the design brief makes for a humorous design. And it sits perfectly within the caricature style! We love how we notice a different theme every time we look at this design.

Runners-up (in no particular order)

Design by TonyJ1968

election 4


Design by yuniargo



Design by Bodski™

election 3

Design by buzzart


Design by Manuel_fz


Design by haneep

election 5

Design by Bodski™

Election 1

Which caricature design do you like the best?

The author

Emma Maidment
Emma Maidment

Emma works in PR at 99designs' Melbourne office. Hailing from the beachside town of Newcastle NSW she is an ocean lover at heart. In her spare time you will find her outside chasing the sunshine.

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