Who won the last Platinum Showcase?

Drumroll please… It’s time to announce the winners of December’s Platinum Showcase!

We wrapped up last year with some great achievements, including our Top Winner’s best record – 15 points – being broken. Congratulations to all of December’s top Platinum designers. Keep up the great work!

Here’s a look at who nabbed December’s top titles:

99 Platinum Top Winner: syakuro (18 points)


99 Platinum Most Shortlisted: swantz (31 points)


99 Platinum Master of all Trades: betiobca (6 points)


And for those of you curious about who else was in the running, here’s a list of contenders close to making it to the top:

  • 99 Platinum Top Winner contenders: KPGS (12 pts) & Fenixo (11 pts)
  • 99 Platinum Most Shortlisted contenders: syakuro (31 pts) & cindric (27 pts)
  • 99 Platinum Master of all Trades contenders: arkum (5 pts) & Holiday26 (5 pts)

Congratulations to all our Platinum designers who’ve made it to the top last year! We’ll have more fun challenges coming up this year. Stay tuned!

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