NBCUniversal contest winner chosen!

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Another community contest has come and gone here at 99designs, and a winner has been chosen!

Recently, a complete logo redesign of NBCUniversal (along with losing the space between the words) was commissioned by the new company owners; Comcast. They decided to drop the famous peacock and made a bland corporate font the new standard. We felt they were losing so much brand recognition with the peacock missing, so we put it to our designers to come up with an update to the old logo.

What a result!

After seven days of intense creativity from our design community, 861 design submissions were entered into the contest. Finalists were chosen and then voted on here within 99designs. Finally, the winner chosen was….. D’Zenyu!

With a modern design incorporating the original peacock emblem with the new corporate styled font, this is a logo design worthy of the iconic brand and would have been a fantastic and relevant brand/logo refresh for the company.

Congratulations for taking out the Gold Community Contest D’Zenyu – Check out the winning logo submission below.

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99designs Team
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