Seaport Airlines recently launched a contest on 99designs searching for a “fun, hip, and modern Sasquatch” mascot to represent their brand. We asked 99designers to express the love for their favorite designs.

In case you’re not totally clear of what a sasquatch is, think Big Foot then take a look at the most-liked Sasquatch designs from the contest to get an even better idea!

Most-liked Sasquatch design by J-cob™


“I love j-cob’s work. The mascot is well designed with great attention to details. I love the shadows he made. Great work.”

-Marian Pop (Creatiph)

“This Sasquatch make me smile — even though I know Sasquatch should be treated as some kind of monster, this drawing presents it in a friendly way. Many congrats to this designer.”

-Velimir Ivanov (KVA)

“Cute but not childish, very cool, and he looks friendly… Congrats.”

-Niko Prasetia (Niko Strike*)

Runner-up designs


Design by eko wahyu

“I like the variety of facial and body expressions; he is a very well-created character, very positive.”

-Vladimir Trajanovski (375)

“There are many character options, so he can be portrayed in any situation, condition or area.”

-Hananta Putra (bonny267)


Design by LollyBell

“It’s more compact than the others. He’s cute and I simply love the color pallette.”

-Louise Tanasa (blueraven)

“I think this is unique and simple. The character would be easily applied everywhere and would still be recognizable. I just like it :)”

-Yulia Gomariah (frambit)

Thanks to all who participated! Check out more favorites on our “Liked” designs at 99 Pinterest board.

Have something to say about one of the designs? Let us know and we’ll add it to the roundup!