Most-liked designs from Freelance Review contest

The design blog Freelance Review launched a contest over two years ago in the hopes of scoring some insanely epic poster designs.

We brought these illustrations back to life for our most recent “like” challenge, asking designers to share their favorite designs by telling us why they like it. These designs have stood the test of time and are still rocking!

Most-liked design

Rehan Sarwar’s (RKHAN) winning design won over his fellow designers, scooping up the most likes and some great words of admiration.

“Creative use of space, appealing point of interest that builds curiosity, nice flow, and great color combo.”

– Ahmad Faiz (Charcoal Eater)

“The designer has used the line element to create order and guide the eye from the heart of the “beast” all the way to the url. Perfect execution.”

– Sam Kiarie (SamKiarie)

“The contest says ‘insane’ poster so the entry posted by RKHAN is definitely insane in nature. It shows an abstract representation of a broken martini glass which I didn’t recognize at first glance but upon scrolling down throughout the whole design, I have noticed that it forms a glass and there is a round table on the right side not so visible below the city :)”

– Harvie Boles (justforcraft)

“The winning design was my favorite out of them all. The flower and the table are unbelievable. The overall design is stunning. I love the abstract look.”

– Diana Nikolova (Saphire)

“This is a WOW design 🙂 I like the picture — it looks simple but it contains everything.”

– Kunto Wakamoto (liverbird)

Runner-up designs

The following illustrations got some well-deserved love from 99designers as well:

Welikerock Studio (welikerock)

“I love the details and the colors are playful. This perspective makes the design look perfect to me.”

– Sani Sanjaya (uyunq)

“I kind of like the more minimal and geometric approach compared to the abstract and strange designs.”

– Vladimir Trajanovski (375)

“Awesome concept, quite impressive graphic design finishing, and nice color schemes… overall it’s a great design! Great work by the designer :)”

– Ahmad Faiz (Charcoal Eater)

“I prefer this design because the designer had a clever idea to incorporate services/categories (like graphic design, web design, etc.) into existing brands like Coca-Cola, Shell, etc. If it is possible I would love to print this one for myself.”

– Marian Pop (creatiph)

Jorge Flores Díaz (verzerk)

“Good execution.”

– Mestereaga Paul (Paul M.)

“Very obvious design with clean lines and highly readable message — great poster.”

– Ana Popescu (piparus)

Anna Kövecses (urban)

“It’s awesome :)”

-Haris Taci (Anachronox)

“I like this the most because this is something special for me — I like the colors, the style and the fonts. It looks like watercolors.”

-Vladimir Kostetskiy (KVA)

“That’s art!”

-Danijel Design (Danydesign)

Ramiro Piedrabuena (Ramiro Piedrabuena)

“I like how it looks hand drawn. The planets being made out of paper is great. I love the handmade feeling. It feels fresh and original alongside the other digital designs.”

– Glen Davidson (spincontrol)

Check out these designs and more on our “Liked” designs at 99 Pinterest board. Thanks to all designers who participated and stay tuned for the next “like” challenge!

Love these designs? It’s not to late to “like” them in the contest!

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Kelly Inglis
Kelly Inglis

Kelly works for the marketing team at 99designs. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Kelly lives in San Francisco where she can often be found eating cheetos, playing ping pong or frequenting one of the Bay Area's many parks and cafes with a good book.


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