Today’s special: Our new menu design category

Kelly Inglis

A good location, nice ambiance, impeccable service and, of course, great food. All of these elements are key to running a successful restaurant. But there are also subtle yet powerful cues you send to customers through the look and feel of designed pieces such as your menu.

Sometimes, an ugly or confusing menu can actually make customers forget the great dining experience they had with you. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you our new Menu Design category. Now our design community can create you a menu that’s as appealing as your cuisine—and help you bring customers back to your establishment again and again.

Feast your eyes on a few menu designs that our design community has already cooked up:


Launch your menu design contest today!

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Kelly Inglis
Kelly Inglis

Kelly works for the marketing team at 99designs. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Kelly lives in San Francisco where she can often be found eating cheetos, playing ping pong or frequenting one of the Bay Area's many parks and cafes with a good book.

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