At 99designs, Meetups have become a huge part of how we connect to our designers, helping to make our design community larger and richer than ever.

September marked the next stage in our Meetup events, where we finally had the chance to go out and meet with groups of designers in person. Community Director Jason Aiken and General Manager Eva Missling took a tour around Europe, hosting Meetups in seven cities and in four countries:

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Cologne Germany
  • Zagreb, Croatia
  • Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Belgrade, Serbia

During his Meetup trip, Jason described what Community means to 99designs:

We were so impressed by the turnout at these Meetups and want to give a huge thanks to all of the designers who were able to participate. Pretend you were there — take a look at some photos and 99designers’ quotes from the Meetup!

Bucharest, Romania

99designs Meetup Trip: Bucharest

Photo from designer Adrian Niță (azanti)

“One thing I know: 99designs RULES forever, the best and the ONLY (CAPS intended) marketplace for designers, NO MATTER WHAT and WHO! I owe you 99d fellows at least a good part of my living life and there is nothing to convince me the opposite, not even Godzilla (I’ll be back :D), if you know what I mean… I’ll do my best to keep it up to the standards and above!”

– Costica Emi (Ulahts)

Hamburg, Germany

99designs Meetup Trip: Hamburg

Photo from designer Gila von Meissner (Cross the lime)

“I always love meeting designers in real life. Before our Meetup I only knew their usernames and maybe their voices. It makes work much more fun when you can put a face with a name…”

– Eva Missling / 99designs General Manager

Berlin, Germany

99designs Meetup Trip: Berlin

Photo from Eva Missling

“Berlin is a melting pot for designers from everywhere. It was so great to hear stories on what made people come to Berlin and what art projects they are working. It turned out that 99designs is the perfect solution when a designer moves to a new city and doesn’t have a network of clients yet.”

– Eva Missling / 99designs General Manager

“It was a great pleasure to discuss the future developments of 99designs with Jason. I truly enjoyed Jason’s company and was astounded by the openness to new innovations and suggestions for the future of 99designs.”

Martin Nørgaard Gregersen (mr noe design)

Cologne, Germany

99designs Meetup Trip: Cologne

Photo from Eva Missling

“I just want to say thanks for the awesome time and making it happen in Cologne as well. The Meetup was a success, it was an exciting opportunity to be able to exchange words with Eva and Jason in person, and have the chance to meet fellow designers from my area. I appreciated the relaxed, informative, and fun evening at Hallmackenreuther. I hope it will happen again sometime.”

– Yona A. (5ign)

Zagreb, Croatia

99designs Meetup Trip: Zagreb

Photo from designer Alex Bilušić (babakonda™)

“Meeting the real 99d’s Jason was an awesome experience as he is so down-to-earth, very approachable and so easy to communicate with. Meeting the fellow designers was incredible as well — hopefully Jason has triggered the start of regular meetings!”

– Alex Bilušić (babakonda™)

Novi Sad, Serbia

99designs Meetup Trip: Novi Sad

Photo from designer Milenko Djilas (djile)

“No words can describe meeting someone so inspiring and genuine as Jason, living soul of 99designs. Our diligent group, diverse in opinion and generous in spirit, boosted with Eva and Jason’s presence and enjoyed a friendly and ecstatic atmosphere. Amazing Meetup!”

– Branko Lončar (Ludibes)

Belgrade, Serbia

99designs Meetup Trip: Belgrade

Photo from designer Zorana Vereski (bluemooon)

“The Meetup was great and it was really nice meeting you all! I’m looking forward for the next Meetup :)”

-Slobodan Gajic (s.gagic)

“My friends and I had a great time, we met some really interesting people and shared our impressions about 99designs with Jason. Looking forward to see you all soon – Cheers!”

-Jelena Milinovic (fortunefaded)

And finally, a thank you message for all of the designers from Jason and Eva:

For even more photos of Eva and Jason’s awesome trip, check out the Facebook album.

For those of you located elsewhere, don’t worry! This is not our only Meetup trip and we hope to visit as many of you as we can in the future. Check your city for an event near you – we may not always be there, but a TON of your fellow designers will be.