We’re so excited to have finished 2015 off with a bang! Last December, we ran the third certification contest for Logo & Web. See below for the contest’s top 20 entries and find out why Jimdo’s multi-talento Brent Gummow thinks they out-shined their competition.

Let’s start with the winner:


Site: iconicgraphics.jimdo.com
Designer: Iconic Graphics
Jimdo Template: Rome

The website is clean and very consistent and even though the content is placeholder, it is organized very well in a very thoughtful manner. Notice the excellent use of white space and typography. Everything is very clean and readable. Important points pop out.

The simple monochrome color scheme is well-executed with 2 distinct shades of blue. The photos and icons are well chosen. They got away with rendering text onto the background, but they did it in a way that it always looks good on small or large browser windows.


Site: tamaskorosi.jimdo.com
Designer: Aluhun
Jimdo Template: Rome

This site could have easily been the winner. The background photos were set to use a slideshow and each of the beautiful images used also had the logo rendered on it. This was a small touch that really worked well. The black, white, and red color scheme was perfect. And the crisp black lines and capitalized headings helped arrange each page into distinctive blocks of content.


Site: armadillorally.jimdo.com
Designer: NT decoration
Jimdo Template: Vienna

This was one of the most fun entries due to the very creative subject matter. The designer found a way to incorporate the unusual font from the logo into other aspects of the website like the background image and other small graphics scattered through the pages. The color scheme was original, relying on gradients added directly to the background images.


Site: xbirdcall1.jimdo.com
Designer: OBLAP
Jimdo Template: Vienna

We get lots of “high tech” concepts every time we run one of these contests and this was my favorite from that crop this time. The design is centered around a slick background image, but it is subdued enough to not compete with the white text and “electric teal” color choice used for dividing lines and icons.

The borders rendered on the team images are perfect for continuing the brand and “story” of the website. The font choices are very nice and “techy” while still being classy and very readable.


Site: truckingfiles.jimdo.com
Designer: Klonia™
Jimdo Template: Rio de Janeiro

The content on these pages is as good as it comes. Well laid out with subtle touches of animation and a full-width section used very well.


Site: space2ne1.jimdo.com
Designer: BA_Designs
Jimdo Template: Rio de Janeiro

This site created a great looking brand with clever, modern color choices and fun photography.


Site: hvsh.jimdo.com
Designer: HVSH
Jimdo Template: Barcelona

A great hybrid of custom coding mixed with existing Jimdo templates. This designer created custom classes to help make background sections within the content areas.


Site: vlktest.jimdo.com
Designer: VLK STUDIO
Jimdo Template: Rio de Janeiro

Amazing CSS animations make this page quite the adventure. Another great example of how a little coding knowledge can transform a Jimdo template


Site: aikdesign.jimdo.com
Designer: AikDesign
Jimdo Template: Rome

This portfolio site makes great use of white space and a simple color scheme to help make their examples pop on the page.


Site: bedtimesound.jimdo.com
Designer: dwiya
Jimdo Template: Rome

Beautiful background illustrations mixed with great background color choices give this site a modern touch.


Site: beardstrend.jimdo.com
Designer: Maneki Neko
Jimdo Template: Zurich

The vintage feeling background photos and the trendy heading font work really well with the logo on this website. The fantastic favicon is a lovely touch.


Site: plantology.jimdo.com
Designer: ZeroGirl
Jimdo Template: Melbourne

The very interesting color scheme and a beautiful background image help extend the brand story throughout this website.


Site: ncreations99.jimdo.com
Designer: ncreations
Jimdo Template: Dubai

This site takes one of the simpler templates and gives it life using a great image and a semi-transparent content area background. The sidebar is used well in a very practical manner.


Site: onelonelysurfer.jimdo.com
Designer: D>d
Jimdo Template: Berlin

This site is a perfect example of how you can extend the logo across the entire website by selecting an iconic part of the image and using it in the background, favicon, and in other small, well-designed additions.


Site: chocolataria.jimdo.com
Designer: NikoPan
Jimdo Template: Lille

The monochrome color scheme and great icons help make this site a standout.


Site: foodtech12fc.jimdo.com
Designer: TARA D ART
Jimdo Template: Rio de Janeiro

Don’t let the URL trick you, this is a great example for a sports team website. Great use of color a colored background with just the slightest hint of transparency letting the background image peak through.


Site: truphu.jimdo.com
Designer: Truphu
Jimdo Template: Hamburg

This site has lots of lovely little design additions like a non-traditional navigation, a good use of a video background (very difficult to do), and small, coded animations.


Site: 99anisgott.jimdo.com
Designer: I’m AnIsGOtt
Jimdo Template: Berlin

This site uses the large logo area of the template to incorporate an image in the header along with the logo along with very creative background image to create a fun geeky online store.


Site: arhimedia.jimdo.com
Designer: designspot
Jimdo Template: Rome

Look for the yellow highlights used very sparsely to give the visitors a jolt. A beautiful example of a clean and modern style for a website.


Site: winkvintageaprons.jimdo.com
Designer: Diggitigirl ♥
Jimdo Template: Riga

Fun vintage theme with great uses of illustrations and a clever background.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our Jimdo certification contest!