Winner and runners-up of our “Business Card Fit for the King” contest

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With the launch of our Dutch language site, and the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander (the Netherlands’ first King in over a century!), we thought it’d be a great opportunity to have our community design a business card fit for the King.

We received almost 1,000 designs and were ecstatic to see so many great business cards bring Dutch elements to life — this made picking the winner not an easy feat. The Netherlands, an extremely flat country of 16 million residents next to the North Sea, had a wonderful time in the spotlight, so thanks to everyone who participated! And, of course, a big old “dank jullie wel” to the Dutchies out there.

Check out the winning design, and runners-up, below.

Winning design

Design by aldorinaldo


We love the simplicity of this design! The font is sleek, yet powerful and elements like the crown and the full stop take this design to the next level. We’re convinced the King wouldn’t mind handing out these “Hallo’s” (Dutch for Hello) during the coming years of royal interactions.


Design by Nabeel


Nabeel incorporated a variety of Dutch elements in a modern way (ranging from tulips to windmills, and to our favorite: the cow!), without making the business card look like a touristy souvenir.

Design by ZBrk

308 in 624p

Willem-Alexander is often referred to as the “King of business”, helping the Dutch grow their international connections and trade. This design combines these 2 sides in a clever and fun way.

Design by Kimberlypostma

859 in 624p

Kimberly designed a business card inspired by the famous balcony scenes, giving us an intimate look behind the royal curtains.

Design by LocLe

491 in 624p

We are a big fan of the typography LocLe used in his design; it’s clean, yet lively and topped off with an impressive crown.

Design by Ted.

731 in 624p

This business card contains several layers: the crown is created from common Dutch elements (tulips, mills, clogs), elements that are meaningful to Willem-Alexander (ice skates, the ‘W’, the crown) and some less obvious Dutch elements (fish, water, fisherman’s boat). It comes in red, white, blue and orange.

Design by benling

798 in 624p

benling created a timeline of Willem-Alexander’s personal interests, using elements from water management, renewable energy and his favorite hobby ice skating — all leading up to the crown. As benling stated, “It is all about the King’s life; which will never be the same again.”

Design by hilOX

744 in 624p

Even though there aren’t many people still playing in tulip fields wearing clogs and traditional clothing, hilOX managed to give his design a modern feel. We love this illustration!

Design by LuiG


LuiG illustrated a map pointing out Noordeinde, the King’s “working palace”, in a Mondriaan style. When the Queen announced her abdication she said: “Responsibility for our country must now lie in the hands of a new generation.” This business card shaped like an iPhone definitely took that notion to heart.

Design by IoanaLuca


IoanaLuca found a clever way of making an iconic tulip referring to both the Dutch flag and crown. The front of the card gives a hat-tip to Piet Mondriaan and the coat of arms, with “Je maintiendrai.”

Design by Koesnoel80


The King himself made an appearance on this business card! We like the hand drawn elements incorporated into this design.

Design by wawaqu


It’s a well-known fact that Dutch people love cheese, and we assume the King is one of them. On this business card, it transforms into the shape of windmill sails, bike wheels, tulips and crowns.

Design by d0ppelgangerz


The inlets around the crown paired with the color patterns of this design make for a subtle business card, something that’s especially hard to achieve when using an abundance of orange.

Design by Murtinelli


As far as Murtinelli is concerned, the traditional deck of cards needs to open up a spot for this “King of tulips.”

Design by N24


This awesome design by N24 was one of the last designs we received in this contest. Does anyone recognize the style from Van Gogh’s starry night in this proud lion’s mane?

Design by Pex Web


Another design with a nod to the Netherlands’ rich art history: Mondriaan turned out to be a designer-favorite.

Which business card do you like the best?

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