99designs Cafe December

Tuesday, December 23 at Djuku Cafe, Makassar

What could be more of a fitting end to 2014 than 99designs Cafe held in Makassar, Indonesia?

This humble designer community from the northern part of Indonesia may be smaller than some of our other communities, but that doesn’t mean their passion is diminished. In fact, what they lack in numbers, they make up for in enthusiasm!

Brand Ambassadors aimbuzz, zohart* and Barocci_KMD were instrumental in ensuring the event went along smoothly – from picking the venue (a special shout out to our friends at Djuku Cafe!), organizing speakers A. Azis Said, Firman Hatibu and Asrar, to documenting the event. There is no doubt that 99designs Cafe December wouldn’t have been possible without them!

Main speaker and senior DKV Makassar lecturer, Azis, covered the topic of design rebranding – specifically on the rebranding of certain city emblems. He argued that these designs compromise the significance of the city they represent by focusing on “good” design. A good design, Azis lectured, is something that both represents a city’s story and is well-executed.

Firman spoke on the relationship between vector illustration and hard rock music, showing an alternative view to the design industry. Having been a 99designer for the last few years, he gave interesting input about the inner workings of illustration contests on 99designs.

Meanwhile, Asrar talked about his own personal experience on the site in the last 5 years, bringing home the fact that a lot of the attendants are just like him. And for those in the room who were new to 99designs, they were able to gain first-hand insight into what it’s like working on our platform. Brilliant!


Speaker A. Azis Said of DKV Makassar sharing his view on the design rebranding of several prominent city emblems


Testimonial of a 99designer provided by Asrar


The serious faces of attendants learning more about their chosen field


Group shot of attendants together with speakers and Ambassadors. Thank you for coming!


Sunday, December 28 at Temanggung

Another Indonesian designer community, the Graphichowlic community from Temanggung, is familiar with holding awesome meetups. They had another successful one at the end of December, gathering other local communities from Central Java. The idea was to foster better relationships among the different communities: Rewo Rewo (Kaliabu in Salaman) Makelar Kontes (Yogyakarta) and Graphichowlic themselves.

The theme of the event was “Living for design, or design for a living?” and tapped into the ongoing discussion of managing finances as a designer and how to turn 99designs work into a sustainable lifestyle.

Rewo Rewo’s involvement in the documentary Desainer Kampung inspired the group to share their stories at the meetup. Meanwhile the other community, Makelar Kontes (read: Mackel-ar Contest), shared their charity projects, the most recent one being their contribution to helping landslide victims of Banjarnegara, a small town north west of Yogyakarta.

Clocking in at 55 attendants, according to event organiser Ikhwan Abdullah, this event was the biggest turnout for a Temanggung meetup to date!

10429323_10203391923547433_2922014318319051098_n (1)

Some of the attendants with organiser Ikhwan Abdullah at far left


Logo for Graphichowlic designer community


Rewo Rewo members sharing their piece with the rest of the party


The obligatory group shot at the end of the meetup

Car Free Night 2014

Wednesday, December 31 – Thursday, January 1 at Tunjungan, Surabaya

To ring in the New Year in style, the local Surabaya government (helped by M Radio) held Car Free Night 2015. 99designs was given the chance to show off some of our designers’ work, including a live drawing by Artpossible™ and Vall One™, whose themes were 99designs, New Year, joy and cheerfulness.

Special thanks to –arwino– and Ripta Paranoan from M Radio for making 99designs’ involvement in this event possible!

Car Free Night 2

Some of the entertainment throughout the night

Car Free Night 3

Despite being given only 2 canvases, our designers Vall One™ and Artpossible™ managed to pull a lot of interest for their work!

Car Free Night 5

The ever-so-popular selfie stick at play during the event

Car Free Night 6

One of the music stages for the event pulls in the crowd

Car Free Night 1

The concept of using recycled boxes as an art installation has its own aesthetic and environmentally-friendly value

Artwork being showcased above were created by: