We’re conducting a Halloween battle between monsters, nicely illustrated by our community.

Check out Round 1 to get up to speed.

Big props to the voters last week, helping us move into the semi-final round by letting us know your opinion in these fights! And now, without further ado, the victors:

  • Aliens vs. Zombies goes to… Aliens!
  • Skeletons vs. Robots goes to… Robots!
  • Monsters vs. Ninjas goes to… Ninjas!
  • Dinosaurs vs. Ghosts goes to… Dinosaurs!
Check below for the play-by-plays of how these battles went down.
Halloween battle

Round 2: the semi-finals

We will run a poll every Friday in October: next one being the final-round, with the winner being announced on the last Friday of the month.

Here are the semi-final contenders, so take a look and vote for which creature you think would win!

  • Alien vs. Robot
  • Ninja vs. Dinosaur

Halloween battle

Halloween battle

(left) logo by Lekvector ™, (right) logo for Aliens are Among Us by Nalapraja

How the aliens dominated:

Intent on world domination, aliens flew down to Earth in spaceships. They found that Earth had experienced a zombie apocalypse and humans were wiped out. The zombies proved to be a less-than-worthy foe, as they were too distracted looking for brains to engage in battle.

The aliens used the zombie’s weakness for brains against them: pulling out fishing poles, they baited the hooks with human brains and as predicted, the zombies came slowly shuffling for dinner. Utilizing the zombie mob-mentality against them, the aliens easily finished off the zombies with their laser guns.

Halloween battle
Halloween battle

(left) Roboto Works logo by theANUNGs, (right) Sentinel logo by coin!

How the robots dominated:

Using their computerized predictive powers, robots learned that a battle with the walking skeletons was inevitable in the near future, so they eradicated milk from the planet. Thus, when the skeletons rose from the grave, they were weak-boned.

The robots easily defeated them with an array of battle-bot weapons — smashing and bashing their way to victory. The skeletons were completely disassembled and robots victorious.

Halloween battle
Halloween battle

(left) VMNinja logo by daniel cazares, (right) Gastronomic Fight Club logo by arsenix

How the ninjas dominated:

In a midnight showdown, the ninjas and big hairy monsterous beasts went head to head, mano-a-mano. The monster tried to scare the ninja with a ferocious growl but the ninja was not afraid of monster antics and took on the giant with his skills in swords, nunchucks, staff, and sai. After a long, drawn out duel the ninja emerged victorious and congratulated himself with a pizza party.

Halloween battle
Halloween battle

(left) logo by blackbird design, (right) Trippin In logo by Joekirei

How the dinosaurs dominated:

The ghost foolishly attempted battle with a vicious velociraptor, thinking that it’s small size would make it easy to defeat. Little did the ghost know, the velociraptor had mastered the balance between life and death — having come back to life from extinction. The velociraptor discovered a way to make the ghost human again — and then ate them for lunch.

Who is going to win in this round? Vote in the poll now!

Who do you think will dominate in the semi-finals?