Last week, in our biggest meetup yet, over 100 designers gathered together in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to celebrate their design community! They really upped the ante for this event — gathering not only to talk, eat and have a little fun, but to create two awesome creative projects.

The first project they collaborated on is a mural and performance art video:

99designs Yogyakarta -Indonesia Mural Project from 99designs on Vimeo.

Finished Mural:

The writing in the upper right-hand corner says “Yogyakarta, Indonesia” in Javanese

The second project is a “Resolution” — a pledge to be the best community of designers that they can be — from this group to the entire 99designs community:

Resolution of the 99design Meetup Yogyakarta-Indonesia

We who are present at the 99designs Meetup in Yogyakarta-Indonesia are proud of our identities as Indonesians and as designers, and we are committed to representing our community with integrity and professionalism. Sadly, there are some negative perceptions of our community that have taken root because of the unsavory actions of a small minority of players. We are here to take a stand against those perceptions by establishing and maintaining a high set of behavioral standards.


  1. We strive to cultivate an informed and respectful community of designers who are well educated in international copyright law and the 99designs Code of Conduct and help share that knowledge with others.
  2. We will carefully review any copyright infringements and accurately report violations of the 99designs Code of Conduct to the site administrators.
  3. We will help minimize negative and inappropriate comments targeting designers and clients by setting a positive example and cultivating a community of professionalism and respect.

We support the crowdsourcing platform as an outlet for creative and professional services. We invite all fellow designers to join us and help uphold its rules and regulations.

We hope that with the creation of this resolution of graphic designers in the Meetup Yogyakarta-Indonesia, creatives and designers from all countries will understand the true and honest spirit of the Indonesian graphic design community. We are members of 99designs and we will always strive to do clean and honest work while maintaining a purity of creativity in accordance with the rules of the site.

“Greetings of peace from us for all graphic designers who read this resolution”


We want to give this community a huge thank you for going above and beyond for their Meetup! You guys are really inspiring us all 🙂

Check out more photos from this Meetup on Facebook!