Our Top 9 winner demonstrates consistent branding at its finest

The votes are in, and this month’s top 9 winner is designer nnorth, with her all-encompassing brand identity design for fashion store Affaire.


It’s clear that both designer and client understand the importance of unifying a brand. Whether taking home an Affaire shopping bag home or snagging a business card from an Affaire employee, Affaire customers are bound to have the same experience whenever interacting with the brand.

Are you looking to create your own consistent brand across different channels? Start with a clear and concise design brief. Client mind.fabric identified her target audience as “18-35 years (65 % females, 35 % males), addicted to design and fashion, loving Instagram and reading blogs all day while being keen on the newest styles out there.” After giving designers some visual examples of the style she was looking for, nnorth came up with a sleek icon that most certainly appeals to the brand’s fashion-forward customers.

Want more tips on writing a killer design brief that will communicate your brand’s traits and values to your designer? Check out our CEO Patrick’s words of wisdom on the subject here.

Now that you understand the value of consistent branding, launch your Brand Identity Pack contest today!

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Kelly Inglis
Kelly Inglis

Kelly works for the marketing team at 99designs. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Kelly lives in San Francisco where she can often be found eating cheetos, playing ping pong or frequenting one of the Bay Area's many parks and cafes with a good book.

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