Announcing the winner of the Chefrunde Studytour USA contest!

Once again, 99designs had the the great opportunity of hosting Chefrunde Studytour USA. The tour connects editors and executives from Germany’s leading media companies with Silicon Valley and San Francisco tech companies to share some of the latest and greatest media developments.

To welcome participants to the 99designs office, we asked our designer community to design a vintage travel poster that included an iconic element of San Francisco. While we loved many of the posters, kΟstispavlΟu took the prize with their whimsical collage.

Congratulations to kΟstispavlΟu!


But that’s not all… Check out some of our other favorite designs below!


Designer: anonymousph


Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2015 Chefrunde Studytour USA contest! See last year’s designs here.

Cover photo: anonymousph

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