They’ve done it again!

It’s another amazing 99designs Meetup story from the Philippines. This time – it’s in Manila. The event was meticulously planned and drew in designers from locations as far as three hours away (shout out to Mhel Derillo, who drove three hours to get to the event!)

Meetup leader DenZs (Dennis Sucgang) started off explaining what Meetups are all about, which was then followed by 99designs veterans Peper Pascual and alfredms (Alfred Sebastian), who shared some of their tips and tricks to success on the site. Dinner and drinks followed – a great opportunity for designers to meet each other for the first time offline.

It’s amazing to see 99designers taking time to gather together and share how their participation on the site has enriched their lives. We’re so proud of this community!

Another great video resulted from the event:

We LOVE seeing what 99designers look like in the real world

“This event gave many 99designers from Manila the opportunity to see each other in person, and learn through one another’s testimonials how 99designs really helps us. It gives us the opportunity to develop our personalities, to improve our careers and take our design to the next level. And we believe that there are great opportunities if only we can put our hearts into our craft, with the help of 99designs.”

-Peper Pascual

There was even special swag created specifically for the event. T-shirts were for sale and personalized keychains were handed out to each attendee. We love the effort – and also the legos 😉

Photos courtesy of Jeff Pile and Peper Pascual

Huge thanks to the main Meetup leader, DenZs, who put a TON of work into leading this event.

He also had a lot of help. Thanks to Mary Ramos Pile for scouting the location and taking charge of all the merchandise, Jeff Pile who created the video, Peper Pascual for speaking at the event and giving us some great quotes about his Meetup experience, and Manila Diseño (Julius Mabini) for playing an essential role in getting this whole thing together.

Last, but certainly not least… thanks to all designers who showed for the event, you guys are fantastic!

For more photos, check out Manila’s facebook album.

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