Announcing the winner of the 99designs Cafe contest

Alex Bigman

To celebrate the launch of 99designs Cafe, a new series of monthly 1-week events planned to take place at different coffee shops throughout Indonesia, we asked our community to create an illustration that depicts what this project is all about: design, coffee culture, community, and of course, Indonesia!

As usual, we were overwhelmed by the quality of entries that we received. This time in particular, though, we really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, and also to everyone who voted for their favorites!

Picking a winner was no easy task – you guys are a very talented bunch! Ultimately we made our selection based on what we felt would represent 99designs Cafe best as well what would work well across various forms of merchandise like t-shirts, poster, stickers and so forth.

**Drum roll**

Congratulations, fattah setiawan!


The shape of the design is inspired by gunungan, a common icon in shadow puppet shows in Indonesia (especially Java). Fattah focused on keeping the look earthy, handmade and artisan; detailed but not cluttered. We think it is a perfect approach for 99designs Cafe.

Now give a hand to the other contest finalists in the contest (in no particular order):


T-shirt: Terbitbasuki


Illustration: vectorcaptain.


Illustration: Vall One


Illustration: Prascovic


Illustration: Rozedha

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen. Stay tuned for more developments of 99designs Cafe!

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