At the end of last year, we asked our Logo & Web designers to take on three big challenges – and offered some hefty prizes to the winners. The results were outstanding and we were blown away by the quality of the designs. 

Below, we’ve included the winners and some of our favorite highlights. Enjoy!

Most Logo & Web wins



Winner: SmoothArrow
Score: 9 win points

With great communication skills and a distinct design style, SmoothArrow took the prize with the most Logo & Web wins from November through December.



Runner-up: 123graphics
Score: 8 win points

With a team of 7 designers and developers, 123graphics definitely ended the year with a bang, winning 16 completed Logo & Web contests in November and December.

Note: Points for team accounts are halved to make the competition fair.

Best Jimdo website



Winner: ananana14

The site was created for a fashion shop and travel blog. ananana14’s use of yellow and her excellent choice of photographs really made the site look chic and sophisticated. It has clean typography and a nice sense of personality.

With a bit of custom coding and some photo editing, the site complements the hand-illustrated logo beautifully. The site is now currently under construction as the client is adding more images in.


Runner-up: piparus

December’s Logo & Web certification contest


WinnerIconic Graphics

The website is clean and very consistent and even though the content is placeholder, it is organized very well in a very thoughtful manner. Notice the excellent use of white space and typography. Everything is very clean and readable. Important points pop out.


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