99designs makes TV debut on new Lifetime competition series Supermarket Superstar [Updated with link to full episodes!]

[Update, August 6th: The show is now airing Thursdays at 10:30 PM PT/ET directly after one of our favorite series, Project Runway. Also, you can watch full episodes here the day after they air.]

Our U.S. staffers will be glued to the TV tonight at 10:00pm ET/PT to catch the premiere episode of the new show Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime. The fast-paced reality series, from the producers of hit shows Project Runway, Shark Tank and Undercover Boss, gives American home chefs-turned entrepreneurs the chance to get their products on supermarket shelves – with 99designs’ help.

Contestants’ packaging designs were sourced through our global design community, and our in-house graphic design experts, Art Director Kyle Lin and Visual Designer Matthew Basham, worked closely with contestants on-air during the 10-episode series to finalize their designs.

99designs Art Director Kyle Lin on the set of Supermarket Superstar

“Working side by side with the contestants in the show’s ‘branding lab’ to help them put their best foot forward in the competition was a blast,” said Lin, who teaches at Miami Ad School in San Francisco in addition to directing 99designs’ visual design. “They’re just like the countless entrepreneurs whose companies 99designs has helped brand since our 2008 launch, with one big difference, of course: they were being filmed for national TV. That certainly upped the pressure for all of us.”

Each episode of Supermarket Superstar follows three home cooks as they pitch their product concepts to food world giants for the opportunity to have their creation launched nationally at supermarkets. Actress Stacy Keibler hosts the show, while celebrity chef Michael Chiarello, cookie mogul Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies, and food branding expert Chris Cornyn serve as mentors to the contestants. Winners from each episode score $10,000 cash and $100,000 in marketing support from San Francisco food marketing agency DINE, and then compete in the grand finale to have their creation sold at the A&P grocery store chain.

“The best part about the experience,” said Lin, “was bringing these entrepreneurs’ ideas to life and watching them and their products evolve so much from the beginning to the end of each episode.”

We hope you’ll tune in with us Thursday nights to witness 99designs in action – and let us know what you think!

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