Meetups don’t happen in just one form, time or place — designers have been getting more and more creative with the way they’re gathering together and spending their time.

This fall, our users came together to strengthen both the 99designs design community and their local communities. We’ve highlighted some of the events to help inspire you to create one of your own!

Local Charitable Meetups

Local community events are some of the most rewarding Meetups we’ve seen from our designers. Recently, two Indonesian groups gathered together to give back to local charities.

Semarang, Indonesia

The group in Semarang, Indonesia has a great gig going: utilizing the 99designs platform to give back to their community. Once a month they all enter the same contest and if any of them win, the prize money is donated to the designer’s local charity of choice.

They’ve been at it for a couple of months now and have been able to donate funds to several organizations – one of the recent beneficiaries of this goodwill was an orphanage for disabled children in their hometown (pictured above).

Malang, Indonesia

The group in Malang gathered together under the leadership of 99er xandreanx.:

“I invited my friends who weren’t able to find work to teach them the ropes of being a Freelance designer.

“I provided them with a laptop to work on and internet access and helped them to start learning the basic skills of design and the best ways to take advantage of the opportunities on 99designs. A bunch of them were able to win about 80%, and I urged each of them to set aside some of their prize money to share with others in the community.

“With this money we organized a Meetup event to share our a meal and our winnings with a group of 30 orphans. We’re hoping to make this an annual event to share with those in need.”

Meetups with a Staffer

Barcelona, Spain

12designer Eva Koster met up with customers and designers from Barcelona this fall — bringing together all sides of the design marketplace to trade ideas and share stories.

“Meetups are a great idea to bring together people who are interested in and are professionals in design. It’s a good way to get to know each other and I enjoyed it a lot!”


“It’s a great way to get in touch with other designers and some customers. I really think, these Meetups should be done more often. I personally like the idea of meeting up. There weren’t so many people but I think the people need to get used to go to events, but after a few Meetups there will be more people, I am sure about that.”


99designs Official Meetups

Temanggung, Indonesia

They call themselves T99 — the regional group of 99designs users hailing from Tamanggung, Indonesia.

This October they gathered together to strengthen their community bond — to encourage one another and to help share tips and tricks to help make each other better. And of course, to eat a delicious meal and share some group jokes.

We want to give huge props to all of these groups for their initiative and for representing the 99designs community in a new way. You can check out more photos of these Meetups in 99designs’ Facebook album.

Don’t see any Meetups near you? Head to 99designs Meetups and set up a group of your own (please name it after the town or city!)