2013 was our second year hosting Meetups, and our community really stepped up. We held more than 20 Meetups around the world, and we’re hoping to double that this year!

For inspiration, take a look through some of our best events from last year:

The first Meetup of 2014: Chittagong, Bangladesh

But we’re also excited to bring you pictures from the first Meetup of 2014. This group is small, now, but they have HUGE dreams! One of the group leaders, Moinul Hussain (moinu33cu), tells us about his group:

99designs Meetups - Chittagong

We are a group of about seven designers in Chittagong. We work in various categories of design — some in logo, some brochure, and others, business design. We hope to build our group even more with illustrators, web designers, merchandise designers, etc!

99designs Meetups - Chittagong

As we explore our individual design genres, we face new problems day by day. Image licensing, the reporting system, lack of experience and originality, and ever-increasing competition are just some of them. But together we share our problems and help one another find solutions.

99designs Meetups - Chittagong

We have lots of plans for our group. The first and foremost is increasing the community in Bangladesh! But here are the others:

  1. Meeting up regularly, twice a year formally, and once a month to problem solve, informally.
  2. Travelling around our country to promote our group and develop our community once a year.
  3. After forming a large group, we want to create a unified enterprise (in hopefully four to five years) to help one another with design work. We also hope that at this point we will be making enough money to contribute to a charity in our country at least once a month!
  4. We want to help build a graphic design school in our city that meets international standards — in 10 to 12 years.
99designs Meetups - Chittagong

At present we are a small group. We can’t achieve our goals until we can develop a great community of designers. But regular problem solving and strengthening our position in the larger design community are both important to us.

99designs Meetups - Chittagong

We were so inspired meeting Jason Sew Hoy in Dhaka last year! It really got us started. We just launched our own Facebook Page and we’re developing it through different blogs. We’re in communication via e-mail and Skype. This was our first Meetup, so we know we can enhance everything as we grow as designers and through 99designs.

The first designers in our group: