On February 25th, twenty-eight designers traveled to Blugre, Matina Town Square (some traveled up to three hours!) where they met and introduced themselves to fellow 99designers — this marked the Philippine’s first 99designs Meetup in Davao City.

SuperDuperJames (James Capisinio) began the event with a ceremonial speech, which was followed by an open forum session led by A’DZ (Adriel Fulmaran). A’DZ asked everyone to share their name, age, hometown and how they heard about 99designs.

Designers then began sharing design tips and their unforgettable experiences since joining 99designs. As the day grew to a close so did the Meetup, but not without sharing one more thing first… dinner.

Lucky for us, flatsigns™ (Richie Ymana) recorded the whole experience! Let’s watch and pretend like we were there 🙂

99designs Meetup – Davao City, Philippines from 99designs on Vimeo.

We’d like to give our appreciation to flatsigns™ for organizing this awesome meetup. You might remember flatsigns™ and his glorious video that shows the unveiling of his 99designs community T-shirt. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

We also want to give a shout out to not only flatsigns™ but to d’zeNyu (Jasper Fulmaran) for bringing the 99designs posters — just that extra UMPF to add to the photos’ smiling faces.

And last, but definitely not least… we send a HUGE THANKS to ALL of the designers who joined, shared and made this Meetup so great!

Davao Meetup1
Davao Meetup3
Davao Meetup2
Davao Meetup4

Fun photos courtesy of flatsigns™ and SuperDuperJames.

If you are interested in meeting fellow 99designers in your community, check out our 99designs Meetups Page and find one in your area. Don’t see a Meetup in your city? We’d be happy to help you start, and lead, one.

Check out more photos from this Meetup on 99designs Facebook!