99designs launches Swiftly to provide customers with fast, effortless graphic design fixes

99designs Team

We’ve been keeping a big secret under wraps for months here at 99designs – and we’re thrilled to finally be able to spill the beans. Meet Swiftly!

Swiftly is a new website and service we’ve created to help customers get small graphic design tasks completed in a snap, and it’s part of our ongoing effort to provide a full spectrum of design services to businesses worldwide. In the course of hosting more than 230,000 design contests over the last five years, we’ve heard a lot of customers say they’d love an easy way to update their existing design files. They tell us they know what they want the altered designs to look like – they just don’t have the resources to do it. For instance, they don’t need an entirely new logo – they just want their logo to be a different color, or to add a tagline. Or they’d like to be able to update business cards when employees are promoted; crop or retouch photos for professional or personal use; make copy changes to banner ads, brochures or other marketing collateral; or get all types of other design alteration work done quickly and without hassle.

Swiftly is the solution. Here’s how it works: customers simply hop on Swiftly.com, upload design files, indicate the modifications required, and pay a flat $15 fee. It takes just a few minutes. Then a member of the Swiftly designer community claims the task, completes it, and delivers it to the customer within a couple hours. After customers review and approve the work, Swiftly facilitates handover of the design files and the designers are paid.

We’ve hand-selected the graphic designers performing tasks on Swiftly from the more than 240,000 members in our global designer community. This way we know they’re skilled, and we know designers will be available to handle work whenever customers need work done, 24-7. We think Swiftly will provide a great new way for designers to earn extra income, and we look forward to inviting more of our community members to work with Swiftly customers in the days ahead.

For more details, including why our CEO Patrick Llewellyn is so excited about this new venture, read our press release here. And then head over to Swiftly.com to check it out yourself, and let us know what you think!

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