This past month, Jason, Illona, and Sasha from the 99designs Community Team traveled around Indonesia and the Philippines to meet with our designer community. Take a look at some of the photos and stories that came out of the experience!

meetup indo

Bandung, Indonesia

Over fifty designers came to NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung. We enjoyed the artwork by Balinese sculptor Nyoman Nuarta around the park, which was followed by a meet, greet, and drinks.

We were glad to see so many designers connect and network with each other, sharing stories and discussing concerns about the site and the community. Thank you to everyone from Bandung, Jakarta, and those from across West Java.

bandung 1

Semarang, Indonesia

Our Meetup in Semarang was full of life, laughter, music, and great coffee. 99designers from Semarang, Jepara, and across Central Java came to Black Canyon Coffee to share stories of success with us. Many thanks to the KMD group, and specifically Vina and Michael, for arranging the Meetup!

semarang 1

Surabaya, Indonesia

The Meetup in Surabaya was a bit smaller than the rest, but over dinner and coffee, the six designers showed us what life is like for a designer in this international city. Thank you to Hangga Ganiadi, Ardhi Wicaksono, Adam Ariesna, Eko Junianto, Agung Rochidajanto, and Yusuf Bahtiar for sharing the evening with us!

surabaya 1

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For our biggest event, 99designs held a full-day Meetup in Yogyakarta, offering workshops led by I Dewa Widipratama, Ricky Yudistira, Dian Wahyuningrum, Sandi Dez, Gilang Purnama, and Roni Setiawan.We also had the privilege of hearing from Hastjarjo Wibowo on how to grow as a designer in this competitive industry, as well as how Indonesia is placed in the global design industry.

About 150 designers attended the event, contributing to the workshop discussions of how to market oneself as a designer and how to keep a positive client-designer relationship, among others. Without the help and dedication of all the designers (especially the volunteers!), this event could not have been possible; this event really showed what a great Indonesian community we have on 99designs. The community works together to build each other up and to grow as designers.

As 99designer Dewa says and we agree, “the Indonesian community is full of dedication, motivation, and purpose.”

yogyakarta 1

Manila, Philippines

After Indonesia, we continued our journey to Manila, Philippines. We battled traffic and heat, but it was all worth it when we met the designers at Create-A-Space venue in Quezon City.

Peper Pascual, Alfred Sebastian, and Dennis Sucgang, organized a casual and relaxed night where we were able to chat and connect with designers over great Filipino dishes.

meetup manila 1

Davao, Philippines

Onward to Davao City! From the city, we ferried to Samal for the Meetup at Camp Holiday Resort. The designers shared their testimonials of how 99designs has made an impact in their lives. Thank you to Riggs and all the organizers for being such great hosts!

meetup davao 1

We had a blast on our Asia tour this summer!

Having worked closely in particular with the Indonesian community, it was a great privilege for Sasha and myself (Illona) to meet and connect with designers across Indonesia and the Philippines.

Now for the thank you section: First, thanks to the photographers: Saefful Gani, Michael Florenso, Didiet Pradityatama and Ardhi Wicaksono. And a huge thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and meet us, as well as all of the organizers, volunteers, and leaders. This was only possible because of all of you!

Do you want to meet up in your city? Join here.

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