Been wondering what’s going on with Meetups lately? A lot! You can find out all sorts of updates in our Facebook group. But first, check out some of the fun pictures and events below:

Manipur, India


Designer Khingkhing reached out and asked if he could sponsor a local football/soccer team in the name of 99designs for this Holi Festival — yes, of course Khingkhing! Thanks for sharing.

Paris, France


France country manager Siham welcomes 12designer’s fearless leader Eva for a double trouble of designer and customer Meetups in Paris.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Yogyakarta group gathered on a mini-retreat to visit the city, each other, and do a little educational Meetup with tutorials led by BATHI* and Dorarpol *. Props to OnlyDee and joz l jozan* for helping create the event! And to BATHI* for designing the shirts and DLVASTF™ * for printing and producing them.

You guys never fail to impress!

Jepara, Indonesia


Meetup in celebration of DYLOVA STUFF’s birthday! Designers gathered together to solidify relationships begun through the site — telling stories and experiences, and enjoying a beautiful beach day, of course. Big thanks to *[al]barokah for helping organize! And of course, to the other attendees: yZk*, Reaslistis*, pl@netd516n™, M@nRay*, savana88™ and riwan.


Another community in Jepara met up to establish their own charity contests — joining 1 contest a week and donating the prize any member of the group wins. Props to this community: sweetcaca, norkesi, seagan, kirimara, 7-lung, clothingsize, Doeland, blimbim™, Batinesigaya, monton, wakatobi and Deev. We’re excited to see how this goes!


Jepara hosted the KMD community from Semarang in this Meetup — in a famous tourist attraction called Kartini Beach. That turtle is fantastic!

Cebu, Philippines


Sercor80 ran this Meetup group to share their experiences on 99design, how they first started and their best contest strategies. Shout out to other attendees: TeachDesign, vonbix, Gideon6k3, Jolitz609, earthhue and lirey. Hoping to see the Cebu 99er community grow even larger!

Madrid, Spain


Customers can Meetup too! 99designs rep Sol met up with this group of burgeoning entrepreneurs in Madrid. Hope to see some great designer-client relationships come out of this 🙂