We’ve got 150 million reasons to celebrate!

99designs Team

Designers, you did it! We’re thrilled to announce that our international community of graphic designers has collectively earned more than $150 million on 99designs. Thanks to your world-class talent and dedication, you have continued to make this the #1 freelance design marketplace on the planet.


Since we started, 99designs has been committed to educating and nurturing our design community. So to celebrate this milestone, our design experts have curated an exclusive 99designs Master Class to expand your design techniques and stretch your skills.

You’ll start by attending several online classes, each relating to a particular design theme. Then, you’ll complete short assignments that will help you develop a final project: a poster based on the question “What does it mean to you to be a designer?” Our three favorite posters will each be awarded a $350 cash prize.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve also partnered with our friends at Lynda.com to give our designers a free 30-day all-access pass to over 1,000 design classes online!

Take your design skills to the next level. Get started now!

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