Valentine’s design tutorials and inspiration

Allison S. Gremillion

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and like any holiday, it’s the perfect time for designers to create!

Lucky for you, you have the skills to produce a one-of-a-kind card, photo collage or any other awesomely-original gift.

We, at 99designs, would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with this collection of Valentine’s design tutorials and inspiration. Enjoy!

Create an Elegant, Ornamental Valentine’s Card in Photoshop CS5

Intricate Heart

Draw an Animated Heart in Photoshop

Beating Heart

Craft a Vintage Fifties Letter

Vintage Letter

Valentine’s Day Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Photo Manipulation

How To Create an Intricate Vector Heart Illustration

Ornamental Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Heart Tutorial

Heart Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

Card Tutorial

How to Draw Love Tutorial

Draw Love

30 Free Adobe Photoshop Valentine Brush Sets

Brush Sets

10 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Typography Designs

Typography Inspiration

78 Valentine’s Day Design Inspirations

Valentine's Inspiration

Take a Computer Break: Pop-up Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

Card Cutout

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Allison S. Gremillion
Allison S. Gremillion

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