Improve your skills with these rad design games and quizzes!

Sometimes learning a new skill can seem like a lot of work. But when it comes to design, creative education shouldn’t always be so rough. Become a master of design the fun way – by testing out this awesome collection of design games and quizzes!

Boost your expertise in typography, educate yourself on design principles or quiz yourself on famous logos. Here you’ll be able to practice everything from kerning and letter shaping to color theory. Enjoy!

Typography Play Time

To The Point

design games

KernType: A Kerning Game (via Method Of Action)

design games

Shape Type: A Letter Shaping Game (via Method Of Action)

Design Games: Shape Type

Test your color acuity


Design Games: Color

Method Of Action

Color theory

Know Your Logos

Guess the Logo Game (via Rob Cubbon)

Guess the logo

Spot the Logo (via Just Creative)

Famous logo game

Design history & theory challenges of epic proportions

Identify the Elements and Principles of Design (via Arts Alive)

Design principles

Just for fun

Sketch Swap

Sketch swap

Liquid Particles (via Spielzeugz)

Liquid particles

Canvas Rider

Canvas rider

Did you ace any of these design games or quizzes? Share your scores in the comments!

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