At 99designs, we love our furry animal creatures. So much so that, we were compelled to name our conference rooms after them. To celebrate our love of animals, we rounded up some of our favorite furry, animal logo designs.

Aussie Rules All Stars logo by 3am3i

Our collection of furry designs has to include an Aussie favorite — the kangaroo. From the brilliant use of complementary colors to the hairline details, this all-star design definitely gets a thumbs up.

Fox-Tail Cider logo by cahl

The foxy details in this design make it an instant favorite. The clever placement of the foxtail in the company name, and the stem and leaf details, showcase a seamless mix of graphical elements with typography.

Desert Wolf Adventures logo by camo

Here’s a design to howl over. The combination of varying line quality and the strategic use of warm earth tones gives this design depth and dimension.

Bear State Bank logo by creta

We could bear-ly contain ourselves with this simplistic design. The use of contour lines and the pop of color paired with a clean typeface show that less really is more.

Wombat Trading Company logo by de_singer

This scruffy design is perfectly complemented by the handwritten typographical choice and the uneven line quality. Whether in black, white, or color this design is sure to please.

Coding Raccoons logo by eday

While coding may be a service we don’t provide, we couldn’t resist coding raccoons. From its distinctive striped tail to the coding brackets in the company name, this design is an all-round success.

Koala Tech logo by igorm

With this koala, all your tech needs are a left and right click away. Its fluffy ears, beady eyes and mouse-clicking nose make this tech savvy koala an absolute favorite. logo & mascot by inkredibl

The overall even line quality creates a mascot full of charm and personality. With a fluffy critter so friendly and approachable, who can say no.

Blind Squirrel Advertising logo by slurb

Scurry up close — notice the charming details and the thoughtful use of color in this bushy-tailed design. We’re just nuts about it.

Moosey the Moose logo by sonia lee

The eyes say it all. The disproportionate and perfectly symmetric details create a design that’s just oh-so-cute.

Which is your favorite furry creature? Please share.