These days celebrities are more than just a pretty face – they’re also entrepreneurs. So we’re turning the spotlight away from the screen and onto four female celebs who have created some of today’s leading lifestyle brands.

Each has found a way to intertwine their personal style with business. Read a little about each one and then tell us which celebrity brand identity you like best below!



Most well known is Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop. Started as a weekly e-newsletter back in 2008, goop’s style has always felt high end. Minimal blacks and greys let the photography pop, while the serif text and prim watercolor illustrations for each topic add an extra touch of class.



Blake Lively’s approach to Preserve was to “showcase the artisans behind the goods we love”. The site is a broad collection of recipes, fashion designers and op-ed pieces. Similar in concept to Gwyneth’s goop, Preserve takes a different visual approach with dark colors and instagram-inspired imagery that give the site an earthier, more youthful appeal.

Draper James


Reese Witherspoon created Draper James as an ode to her heritage in the American South. Inspired by the region’s “special breed of charm and grace”, her company sells Southern style for your wardrobe and home with preppy polka dots and bright blues that echo throughout the online shop and the website itself.

The Honest Co.


Jessica Alba turned her experience as a mother into an enterprise when she found herself struggling to fine safe, eco-friendly products for her family and home. The Honest Co. works to make parenting easier with monthly subscriptions for diapers, bath supplies and vitamins. The branding blends primary color hues and soft floral patterns with a strong emphasis on reliability through videos, FAQs and their mission statement.

Do you have another favorite celebrity business you want to share? Tell us about it in the comments!