Don’t miss these amazing vehicle wraps!

As designers, we work on plenty of canvases – but one of the most unique types of graphic design is the vehicle wrap. Coming in all shapes and sizes, from massive trucks to sleek racing cars, these wraps act as 3-dimensional, mobile billboards. They need to be eye-catching, informative and make the branding shine.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite car, truck and van wraps from 99designs for your perusing pleasure. Check out them out below!



Designer: artsigma
Contest: Nihilum: Create a top logo for video games legends

Winsor & Newton


Designer: Mr. Ozz
Contest: Car/Van Dacia Dokker Wrapping for Winsor & Newton Art/Paint Company

The Cave


Designer: green in blue
Contest: Logodesign for a Paleo/Primal Foodtruck

Hole Shot


Designer: gatro*
Contest: HoleShot Brand Package

The Pink Walrus


Designer: Sebastian P
Contest: Create a Food Truck Wrap for The Pink Walrus Frozen Yogurt

Red Tail Sushi


Designer: Dario Manduca Design
Contest: Create a winner Logo for the next biggest franchise of Japanese Fusion Sushi Cuisine

The Broken Fork


Designer: marie.c
Contest: The Broken Fork Food Truck

Racing car wrap


Designer: Richard Andersen
Contest: Design a clean and modern drag racer vehicle wrap

Public Mobile Kitchen


Designer: Levı.
Contest: Create a compelling & fun brand identity for a food truck business

Have another favorite to add to the list? Share it in the comments below!

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Kelsey Bryant
Kelsey Bryant

Kelsey is 99designs' Designer Marketing Manager. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, she moved to San Francisco in 2009 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. When she’s not working with the designer community, you can find her exploring the city, taking weekend road trips, and soaking up that California sunshine.

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