Valentine’s Day has come a long way from its roots as a day honoring St. Valentine. The holiday currently settles in nicely between New Year’s and impending spring. It offers us all a chance to show our love.

A certain collection of standard holiday colors began to emerge as the day became not only about love and relationships, but also an opportunity for sending cards and other consumer goods. While you’re sure to recognize them, here’s a little refresher.



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The color of life. The color of war. The color of death. Needless to say, red is a pretty passionate color. And passion is important when it comes to you and your Valentine.

Color psychology leads us to believe that seeing red increases the heart rate, much like being in love. Some surveys claim to prove that women dressed in red have been found more attractive. Red is one of the easiest ways to up the romance on your design quickly.


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Some might say that white is the absence of color. While it is true that it can be used for negative space, any good designer knows that negative space is an important part of a design.

Because technically there is no “real” color when your eye sees white, it is considered to be the purest color – innocent and virginal. It is for this reason that white and its relatives of the beige family are the most common color for wedding dresses, giving it a clear connection to Valentine’s designs. White keeps the mood light, flirty, and sweet.


Designer: arabella june
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Pink is the English word for a color often called rosa in Italian, German and Spanish. A color named after the most romantic flower must have something to do with Valentine’s Day! Pink is created by mixing red and white, making it a purer form of the lusty red.

While intricately related to femininity, love relations are one of the few instances in which pink is not associated exclusively with females (conventionally at least). Depending on the shade, it can change from erotic to sweet, making it one of the more versatile romantic colors.

Martis Lupis



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Blue is the color of our grandest natural elements: the ocean and the sky. It is no wonder then, that this color often exudes a feeling of tranquility, calm and vastness. It can be an offbeat choice as an alternative to red, keeping things calm and cool. Its lighter varieties. like azure and turquoise, are a great choice for a more platonic or familial love.

Dara T

Designer: Dara T.
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Purple is often considered to be the color of royalty, a tradition harking all the way back to ancient Roman times.


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