11 future-thinking mobile apps and icons from 99designs

Maya Lekach

It’s no secret that mobile app design is the way of the future. With many consumers’ web practices transitioning to hand-held devices, websites and services are going mobile – and our designer community is here to help!

This past year has set up 2015 to be an especially wild ride for handheld technologies. T-mobile and Sprint shifted their business strategies by offering rollover data and larger-sized plans for lower costs. The goal? To seriously compete with current carrier bigwigs Verizon and AT&T .

So what’s that mean for us? This will effectively increase online time and expand the mobile technology customer base. That means more eyes on more screens for more time. And all that is not to mention emerging tech like the Smart Watches and other wearables that might soon promise to be a viable platform in the coming year.

Luckily, for all of that demand there is indeed a supply. Here are some of the best app and icon design for your phone and mobile technology from our very own 99designers!

Allstays travel app


Designer: Northwood
Contest: Design new icon for a top 10 travel app

“Plummet” iPhone game


Designer: MegaOptimus
Contest: Endless falling iPhone game to mark anniversary of a real fall

SC F services


Designer: Issigonis
Contest: Help sc f services with a new app design

Bleary beer tasting


Designer: T-Bone
Contest: Create an iphone app design for Bleary – a beer info app

Doom Knight



Designer: MikeKirby
Contest: Help moalab llc with a new icon or button design

Jumping game level screens


Designer: freaky
Contest: Level Screens for an iPad game needed

School Bus Timer


Designer: migren
Contest: Can you illustrate time?



Designer: GWINCHY
Contest: Create an Icon and Logo for Visual Discovery App

The Shticker App


Designer: Norven
Contest: Make an adorable interface for a photo sticker app

Sandbox app icon

Rafael Marcon

Designer: Rafael Marcon
Contest: App icon contest: ‘Sandbox’ Icon

SkySafari 4 app icon


Designer: Marecektt
Contest: SkySafari 4 App Icon & Start Screen Icon Wanted

Have you seen or created a great mobile app design on 99designs recently? Share it in the comments!

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