Vote for April’s Top 9 at 99

April has come and (almost) gone, and we’re yet again bowled over by the talented bunch of nominees for our Top 9.

Have a look at their work and vote for your favourite below!

1. Paradise Ciders

Paradise Ciders
By Konstantinos Arg

We were already jealous that Paradise Ciders had the great idea to become Hawaii’s first local hard-cidery. Now we’re jealous of their sweet logo, too.

2. Smiling Paws Pets

Smiling Paws Pets
By pslinakey

Smiling Paws Pets designed a mat that catches all the cat litter your furry roommate helpfully kicks all over your house. Our community designed packaging that’s as smart as their invention.

3. Q Core

Q Core
By diditpranata

Q Core needed a character for their B2B website loosely based on a certain British spy’s legendary quartermaster. That’s not a toy, Mr. Bond.

4. Zytglogge Verlag

Zytglogge Verlag
By Pikuseru

Swiss publisher Zytglogge Verlag needed a CD cover for a kids’ radio play featuring a young lad on a seafaring adventure of the pirate variety. If it’s wrong for us to call the resulting artwork, “yarrr-twork,” we don’t want to be right.

5. Invidious

By Andrei Bat

Author Bianca Scardoni has a strong, clear vision for her paranormal romance series, “Invidious”. Now, she has a book cover readers won’t want to put down.

6. BigHug

By *AyM

Non-profit do-gooders BigHug were looking for a bear with savoir faire. They got so many great submissions, they ended up with bears, plural.

7. Beer Days

Beer Days
By SFicu

Aussie craft beer subscription service Beer Days wanted a promotional email for a contest offering a year’s supply of free beer. (Mates, you’re giving away beer in Australia. You probably could’ve leaned out the window and yelled.)

8. Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo
By Richi_Barba

Cinco De Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday this year, people. Juan’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina taps the awesome power of the Force in anticipation.

9. Hopaal

By Zalo Estévez

Hopaal sells 100% recycled T-shirts and lets customers donate 10% of the purchase price to the organization of their choice. We think they’ll wear this new brand identity well.

The author

99designs Team
99designs Team

The 99designs team is a rag-tag group of color-loving, creativity-celebrating, typography-appreciating, idea enthusiasts. Most of us like beer.

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