As another year comes to a close, let’s look back at some of the 99designs logos that stood out along the way. This collection shows what type of work our community can create, while serving as inspiration and motivation towards next year.

Note that these are my personal picks – feel free to add any that you feel missed out in the comments!


What makes the Grind logo stand out is the way the letter “I” works its way into the illustrative content of the logo. Small touches like this bridge that gap between type and imagery and can take a logo to the next level.


Not all logos have to be mind-blowing. The Cranetown logo is modest and works just perfectly. What brought it to this list beyond that is the attention to detail. Notice how the stroke width of the symbol is the same as the typography. This creates a consolidated visual language that connects the two.


The Hugo logo makes the list for it’s lasting impact. It has the feel of a logo that has been around for a long time. It’s also wother noting that it keeps a safe distance from the Penguin books logo.


Another simple and well executed logo. This design in particular makes great use of color, allowing the blue and red to play as almost surprise hints of color.


At least one “hipster” logo had to make the list. This one is balanced, refined, thought out, and the way the ampersand sits on the cart brought this onto the list.


Another great example of self evidence, the Neon Fork logo speaks for itself. Not to mention it leaves a strong impression.


In the way of color, there’s not many other logos that flourish in the way the Drunken Manatee logo does. It shouts “Florida” before you even have a chance to read “Miami”. Color in combination with composition bring this logo to the list.


One more “hipster” style logo for good measure. The Distillery 36 logo contains a concise visual language that brings it all together into a visual punch. Not to mention the numbers have just enough flair to visually register them as symbolic to this business.

Have any other 99designs logos to add? Comment below!

Featured image by Agi Amri