The initial sketches behind 8 great illustrations

We’ve talked a lot of talk about how sketching is one of the first steps to designing almost anything, certainly a logo or illustration. It helps a designer gather and sift through ideas, work through initial concepts and develop more creative ones, and refine a final idea to work with – in much less time then it would take a designer to construct all of these images digitally.

Now we’ve found some illustrators who walk the walk! We’ve sifted through tons of designs and found 8 of the many designers who regularly include sketches in their submissions to the site. And we’ve created gifs of the designers showing off some of their preliminary sketch-work, the drawing alongside or layered below the final design.

Take a look and compare the initial ideas with the final product, it’s a fascinating transformation that speaks to the power of the process of sketching:









Swarley Stinson









Show us your initial sketches in the comments!

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Kaitlyn Ellison
Kaitlyn Ellison

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