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Alex Bigman

The vast majority of projects on our site solicit design for two dimensions: monitor screens, stationery, packaging labels, posters and so on. But in fact, a small sliver of the contests that we host – and a growing one, we hope – are for designs that describe three dimensions. We’re talking product design, 3D renderings, architectural mock-ups and the like. And they are pretty awesome.

To be sure, thinking in three dimensions requires a very different skill set than thinking in two. If you’ve ever felt constrained by the parameters of logo or web design, though, then one of these 3D design contests may be for you. In any case, these awesome examples are sure to inspire:


Design of an artificial tree that uses photosynthesis to generate energy, by Lukapepe


Design of a façade for a community complex, by Zundweebi


3D character design for an office supplies company, by Sele


Concept design for a frog-shaped ring, by RobS Creations


3D prop for a web-based video game, by Arthimedes


Mockup illustrating the look of a given pattern on a beach tent, by 152 Design


Design of a restaurant interior, by MirkoAndricDesign


Design of an ornamental bottle cap resembling an agave plant, by urc77


Product design for a water desalination product, by Wikwin


Design of a public riverside park, by klaudius


Industrial design for the enclosure of an external hard drive, by adam|bar


Design of a zombie werewolf video game character, by dosie


Interior design for a BBQ chain restaurant, by MirkoAndricDesign


Design for an electronic “kiss transferral device,” by Valte_47


Product concept for a wearable computer, by D6672


Rendering of a university building, by Savour

Have any awesome 3D work yourself? Share it in the comments!

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Alex Bigman
Alex Bigman

Alex contributes from New York City on topics ranging from branding and typography to the history of design.


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