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Toys aren’t just for kids!

This collection of gadgets is all about fun and finding a way to bring something new and experimental to the table. Tapping into your inner child can be the best thing for your design – so take some tips from the product design below and make something unexpected.

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is doing big things! They’ve already made more than five times their $25,000 goal on Kickstarter and they have 25 days to go. This ingenious “Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts” allows users to turn whatever object they want into a touchpad for their computer. All you have to do is attach whatever object you want to use with alligator clips (included in the kit) to the MaKey MaKey. Voila! Your object is transformed into a mouse or keyboard. Don’t get it? Don’t worry. Check out this video to see how it works – they use bananas as a keyboard!

Art and invention are similar in that the best results come from a willingness to experiment and use unexpected components to create a great final product.

cstick Cotton Candy

The cstick “Cotton Candy” is the next step in the ever shrinking consumer electronic. It’s a TINY computer without a screen – why not walk around with a computer in your pocket? You plug this into any screen – a computer monitor, TV screen, phone or tablet and you can utilize it to run your favorite applications.

It’s also a great analogy for design: a simple, yet strong design concept can be adapted for any medium – like a logo incorporated into stationery, business cards and a website. Adaptability is a huge factor in the success of this product and your designs.

Orime Mouse

Japanese giants Nendo and Elecom have partnered to create the coolest looking mouse around: the Orime. There are no curves on the mouse at all – it’s a geodesic hunk of flat surfaces and edges. This is a great example of taking a product or design that’s been done pretty much the same, time after time and making something completely different and original.

Olly and Polly

Olly and Polly may not be the most practical of siblings but they sure bring fun to social networking! Olly is a small gadget which you can attach to your computer that releases a frangrance any time you interact with social applications like Twitter, Facebook, instant messages and e-mail. Any time you get an e-mail, message, mention or other notification, a spritz of perfume is released from the “robot” into the air.

Polly does the same thing but with CANDY! Adding an interesting and unique detail to even the most mundane design, no matter how strange, is worth it!

Sustainability Internet Router

You can keep green when you’re surfing the net with this Sustainability Internet Router by Thomas Craven. Made from recycled and eco-friendly materials, this machine still manages to look great – sleek and simple, with an easy power button created to not only make working this device simple, but to cleanly display the brand’s logo for easy brand recognition.

Simplicity is key but having a significant purpose behind the design of a product, logo or website is the most important part of your design.

Anyone know other great and fun electronics? Please share!

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Kaitlyn Ellison

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